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Have you ever come home from a day in the countryside and felt… better? Mood altered, anxiety soothed, mind hushed? It seems obvious that getting out of the clanging grind of the city every once in a while might be good for your mental health, but recently, scientists have been working out whether flowers, grass, trees and wild animals could be used to treat depression or anxiety.

The field of ecotherapy – the idea of connecting to nature to aid your wellbeing is being recognised as an effective tool to increase the HAPPINESS quotient in the organisations.

Forestscaping is an aesthetically designed natural & native forest with well-designed walkways, relaxation nodes or even a designated meeting area designed within an Urban forest. Unlike landscaped gardens which have huge recurring costs, a forestscape is maintenance free after the first three years of caring and provides a natural getaway within the precincts of your Office / Factory or living area. It can offer a rejunevation of your senses a few feet from where you live or work. Forest Scaping is a partnership between you and your land. You are the partner in establishing the plants and shaping the development of your property.

ForestScapes can be developed on residential, Industrial Campuses. Forest Scaping now gives you a range of options to fashion something of beauty out of nothing. The ground can be restored to a natural state as native forest, managed as wildlife habitat, turned into your private nature preserve or any one of countless other ideas you can dream of. The plants selected by us are such which not only achieve your forestscape objective as well as the best species for wildlife. You fully control the development of the forestscape by choosing the mix of species that you introduce and how the plant community grows and develops. We will help you achieve that vision and nature benefits in the process. Each Forestscape is unique to the property and developed with the full participation of the property owner.

Types Of Forests Scaping

Flowering Forests

Flowering plants are the most successful and demanding group of plants on Earth. This type of extensive vegetation governs forests and makes up about 90 percent of all plant life on land.

Animal Home

The Urban Ecology creates Urban Forests to conservative wildlife habitat. For every nook and cranny in a forest, there are animals and plants that call it home. Conserving and modernizing wildlife habitat ensures that both animals and humans have a healthier future ahead.

FAQ’s About Forestscaping

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The land I have is very dry or rocky and has poor nutrition. Can you help?
Can forestscaping be commercially viable ?
Do you help with plantation?
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