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Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are panels of plants, grown vertically on structures that can be either free standing or attached to walls. Vertical gardens are also known as Green walls, Bio Walls, Lifewalls, Living Walls, Plants wall, Eco walls etc. Vertical gardens are for the Individuals as well as for the Industries/Companies.

  • Vertical Gardens are aesthetically pleasing as well as help conserve the environment around. Vertical gardens help in heat absorption which can lead to significant energy savings. Vertical gardens are the best medium to maximize garden space by growing plants on walls.

Green Walls are the best medium to fight Air pollution. It is acknowledged as a remedy for poor air quality, both to indoor and outdoor areas. We welcome corporate, government bodies for the joint ventures with us to install Green Walls in public places of the cities like metro piers, highways, and buildings etc.

Types Of Vertical Garden

Indoor Vertical Gardens

As we run out of green space in cities, green walls can turn urban spaces back into something natural and beautiful. They can also improve air quality and provide health benefits.

Outdoor Vertical Garden

Our vertical gardens are made with a reliable technique, site-specific designs, and expertise in plants. Each design and plant selection is based on the project-specific conditions. Choosing the right plants for the right location is key to ensuring a healthy and beautiful garden. We use a large variety of species and believe biodiversity increase both aesthetic and functional quality.

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What is a vertical garden?
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